Mini Rose Earrings | Black Rhodium

$14 $28
Black Rhodium Plated Over Brass
Nickel Free & Hypoallergenic
Made in Brazil by Brazilians
No Hassle Returns. Try It On!
Free Shipping In USA

I am not very sold on trends, but I have to say I am loving this recent obsession with tiny earrings. This style was very popular last year and it is definitely one of the biggest 2020 jewelry trends. I made it easy on myself and designed four new pairs of earrings based on my existing collections. It turns out that they are just as dainty as most tiny stud earrings I have seen but with way more character. From the four designs, I have my two favorites and one of them is the rose one. It is literally just the center of my rose earrings. Isn't nature so impressively perfect in its ability to work with repetition and creating its own fabulous designs? That is why for me it was so natural to start my career as a jewelry designer with flowers. I just had to look around and I got inspired! It was fun trying to come up with my own take on rose jewelry and it gets more and more exciting every day. Following jewelry trends and adapting my own designs has paid off and I think if you came this far you definitely need these mini rose earrings in your collection. They come in three different colors so make sure to check the other ones out. Maybe you just want the black rhodium ones, or maybe you will want all three!

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