Queen Ring | Rose Gold

$44 $88

The Queen Ring is the only piece in the Rose Collection family without an actual rose. It is clean and simple but with similar characteristics to our rose gold collection. The reason for its design was because I love a mismatched jewelry set and I don't think everything should look exactly the same, especially for gemstone jewelry. The smoky quartz itself is a spectacular gemstone and it's even better with some facets to bring out the beauty and clarity of this semi-precious crystal. Another great reason to add facets is that they make the ring sparkle and create texture since the brown color of the stone almost blends with the pink hues of our 18k Rose Gold. I know it is my baby, my design and I have all the reasons to love it, but you have to admit it is a perfect rose gold cocktail ring all around. Just from describing it, I can already dream with those flowy long spring dresses and a glass of rosé in my hands.

  • ⭐️  18K Rose Gold Plated Over Brass
  • 💎  Stone: Smoky Quartz
  • 🤩  Nickel Free - Hypoallergenic 
  • 🇧🇷  Made in Brazil by Brazilians
  • 💰  No-hassle Returns. Try it on!
  • 🇺🇸  Free shipping to USA

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