Madalena Master Earrings


This is an unusual and fun pair of earrings. I got to play with two very different gemstones; Rhodonite is the darker one and Rhodochrosite the very pink one. To complement the two stones I chose a very light Rose Quartz. It is almost clear but not completely. It has a light tint, just enough to blend in with the other two stones. It is a very modern and edgy look and I think it is because of the black rhodium plating. I am very particular when I am deciding if a design will be in gold or black rhodium. I think in this case the darker metal was the perfect color for these unique earrings. They are so versatile that sometimes I will even wear them with my workout outfits. The size really helps too! The Madalena Master Earrings are a more stylish version of everyday studs and are still comfortable and safe for an active lifestyle. 

  • ⭐️  Black Rhodium Plated Over Brass
  • 💎  Stones: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite
  • 🤩  Nickel Free - Hypoallergenic 
  • 🇧🇷  Made in Brazil by Brazilians
  • 💰  No-hassle Returns. Try it on!
  • 🇺🇸  Free shipping to USA

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