Lady Marta Necklace


This is my classic design featuring a classic color, if you are wondering where to start your own Bellina collection I would say this is it! A shape that caught my eyes the moment I saw it on a very random botanic vintage book. If you ask me why Lady? My answer was always the same: because it looked like the shape of a lady's face. I saw the chin, the little hair on her ears. I don't know I might be just crazy, but by now we say that name so much that if you ask me one more time I might simply answer: because it is one of the most feminine shapes I have ever seen. It might be because I know in and out my mission about empowering women of all ages and cultures, or it might be because inside of me I just know how confident I feel when I wear it. 
  • ⭐️  18K Gold Plated Over Brass
  • 💎  Stone: Obsidian
  • 🤩  Nickel Free - Hypoallergenic 
  • 🇧🇷  Made in Brazil by Brazilians
  • 💰  No-hassle Returns. Try it on!
  • 🇺🇸  Free shipping to USA

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