Lady Amalia Pendant Necklace

$54 $108
18K Gold Plated Over Brass
Nickel Free & Hypoallergenic
Made in Brazil by Brazilians
No Hassle Returns. Try It On!
Free Shipping In USA

The Lady Amália Pendant Necklace is a longer and bigger version of our traditional Lady design. The new size is perfect to display the intricacy of the sodalite stone, a rich royal blue gemstone with traces of white, gray, and black. Sodalites are not as abundant as a lot of other stones, and it can be a hard task to find the ones without the opaque white spots characteristic of the formation of the stone. Large scale jewelry shops often will not carry this stone because it is very difficult to standardize and monetize. It was hard for me to deal with that fact but I decided to embrace the diversity of the gem and work more closely with my people in Brazil to pick the right stones for my designs. We were able to select stunning cuts of genuine sodalite just as gorgeous as the one that you see on the website. It's magical how each and every sodalite cut has its own personality and no two designs featuring this stone will look the same. The color blue is highly associated with trust and in this case, I ask you to trust me and believe in my passion for natural gemstones. I personally work on the process of selecting the gem cuts to guarantee the beauty, source, and quality of each stone.

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