About Bella Caetano - Founder

Bellina Caetano is not just my business, but my journey. My name is Bella and I am a jewelry designer from Brazil, passionate about gemstones and committed to women's empowerment. I am proud to consider myself to be one of the pioneer women importing high-end jewelry directly from Brazil while fostering Brazilian culture in the United States. Starting at an early age, I focused on shaping my business vision into something I really love, which is a combination of design and my forever hometown Brazil. When I moved to the United States in 2016, I had to make one of the most important decisions of my career. At that time, I was halfway through a 5-year BA in Architecture program but was unsure if that was creative enough or even empowering enough for my restless personality. Ultimately, architecture was not the path that I chose. However, skills and knowledge of the subject have gifted me with a very particular way to design jewelry. That combined with my passion for my country gave me the right recipe to undertake business, promote Brazilian culture, and empower women who wear my designs to feel gracefully bold through all of life’s everyday challenges.


We are all about the experience and we do it right. Our shop at 900 North Michigan Shops is the best place to see, taste, and appreciate Brazilian culture.