Liz Ring | Sky Blue Agate

$29 $58
18K Gold Plated Over Brass
Blue Agate
Nickel Free & Hypoallergenic
Made in Brazil by Brazilians
No Hassle Returns. Try It On!
Free Shipping In USA

Simply simple! I would have never imagined that such a simple idea could sell so much. I drew this leaf design by hand while observing a bunch of floral designs in this old vintage botanical book. I drew it to be part of another piece and then decided to just create a simple band with that repetition because...why not? Since the hard work was already done I thought that it would not hurt and there I was creating one of my best sellers. I hope that designing jewelry will always be this fun because I really plan on doing this for a long time. This is the perfect dainty ring and despite the fact that you might see other leaf rings around, this one has such beautiful proportions thanks to my Virgo perfectionist personality. You can use one, two, or three at the same time, it can be an edgy thumb ring or a cute pinky ring. It can be a sweet gift or just something unique to shop for. No matter why you end up choosing this little stackable ring, you are going to be impressed by its quality and perfection once you see it in person.

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