Behind the Scenes 2020 Superheroes: Moms!

Superheroes are usually described as heroic characters, typically possessing supernatural or superhuman powers, protecting us and fighting against anything that could hurt us. Does it sound like someone you know? Of course it does! I'm talking about your mom! Isn't it so cruel that sometimes life gets busy and we forget how important our moms are? They do their work so effortlessly and efficiently that we almost overlook it completely. This pandemic has made us think more deeply about the blessings in our lives that we take for granted. Have you stopped for a second to think about how moms are dealing with homeschooling, cooking 3 to 4 meals a day, cleaning, entertaining kids and husbands, keeping them safe, loving them, and on top of that, some moms still have to figure out a plan for their postponed careers? If that is not a superhuman power, I don't know what is.

What I do know is that things are much harder than they were just a couple months ago and moms need to be celebrated now more than ever. May 10th is coming up fast and it is not looking like it is going to be a conventional Mother's Day in any way. Mothers have a dedicated day for a reason and we should really think about why that is. They are true superheroes and their superpowers go beyond what we can see with our bare eyes. Their ability to nurture, love, and soothe us when the whole world is going through one of the scariest times in all of human history is just simply inspiring. You know why they're so good at that? Because it's their specialty to make us feel safe. Even grown-ups can agree with that. 

Mother's Day is a tough day for me because my mom is 6000 miles away in Brazil. I have suffered what many people are about to experience, not being able to see or hug their moms on such a special occasion. That's why I decided to perform a small act of kindness in an effort to preserve some Mother's Day magic in this "locked-down" new world. On May 10th, Bellina Caetano will be providing complimentary delivery of floral arrangements with all Mother's Day gift orders. This delivery option is available free-of-charge for the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs. All orders will be delivered with special care and your personal message that you can write at checkout (in the Notes section) with any additional instructions for delivery. I hope to make a difference this Mother's Day and I really hope that we will all find a fun and engaging way to celebrate. 

Last but not least, I found a way to celebrate a very special mom, Izabel Olson. She is a strong Mom-trepreneur and philanthropist who inspired me during this quarantine with her efforts to make a 5-year-old read while figuring out how to fundraise for her project Salt and Light, a non-profit organization for sex-trafficked women. Bellina Caetano will be donating 15% of all Mother's Day sales to her cause. If you would like to contribute, you will get a special discount for your kindness. Use the code SALC15 at checkout to get 15% off your entire order (including sale items!). To learn more about Salt and Light, check out their website at Let's celebrate the mom heroes of our lives and give back to those who need it most! 

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