I'm an influencer! What Now?

The true reasons why I became a ''INFLUENCER''

For some time we have heard of these people called "influencers". What is often unclear is what and how people can be influenced. It was responding to these questions that I decided to create the blog and officially become an "INFLUENCER".

In the midst of my questions, I came to the following conclusions. The digital world is here to stay. The way people communicate and educate has changed drastically as well. And in my opinion, information has a giant power. It has the power to motivate, guide, alert, educate and unfortunately the power to alienate our perception of the world around us.

Many entrepreneurs say that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with and I have one more theory (not tested or proven) that has a giant impact on my life. My level of motivation is built upon the average quality of content I read or see on a daily basis. It amazes me how my behavior changes after reading or viewing certain content on the Internet. You can be totally motivated and want to buy a new outfit, get a new job, pack up and venture out into the world, start cool random classes, donate your time to others, see what's up in your neighborhood, and so on. But sometimes it can get pretty depressing too. The news or even the obsession with the perfect life of Instagram can have a certain negative impact. You understand me right? However, the cool thing is that we can filter the content that we put into our lives.


I am currently a jewelry designer, I have my own brand Bellina Caetano, I produce my pieces in Brazil, I am a daughter, sister, wife, friend, and most importantly, a citizen of the world. Yes, most millennials consider themselves citizens of the world. For us, comradery has no color or race. The society we belong to is the people closest to us who need help. Our religion is being good to people. Our profession is to carry our message through the talent that was gifted to us. Whether it is a product or a service, it always comes full of purpose. Some time ago I made a commitment to become a better person every day and in the best possible way of course. Having decided that, I found myself in the midst of a whirlwind of desires and dreams.


One of my desires is to be successful and one of my dreams is to leave my mark on the world.  It's amazing how passing along a message can be made in super unusual ways. I never imagined that through my life experience or my work as a designer I could have such a big impact on people's lives. I have never thought that starting a company would allow me to share so much about Brazil and actually influence people to dive deep into our culture and values.
Today I officially become a digital influencer. However, I have been playing this role without even realizing it. I've had the pleasure of helping friends and people in my not so digital life. Now my wish is that my knowledge and my life experiences can be amplified and impact the lives of many others. I also hope to learn a lot from you guys and try to somehow get closer and engage in making this world a better place.

This blog is part of my company’s website Bellina Caetano and is called THE BRAZILIAN BLOG. I have found that having a PURPOSE that is aligned with a good lifestyle has the power to influence people to be better. I have found that I was gifted with business skills and that I can motivate and encourage other women around the world to have their own business and leave their mark out there as well. Saying all that, I hope to sometimes see you guys around. Now that you know my purposes with my writing I hope to keep up the good work in my life out here behind the computer and share all the positivity through this beautiful new digital world. 

Um brinde à nós!

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Lovely to read your blog and looking forward to more of your designs and adventures!

Lucia June 08, 2018

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